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1.  Workflow management and automation

enVision workflow management module enables your organization to streamline business processes, improve productivity, and shorten tasks’ cycles.

2.  Document scanning and archiving

enVision Portal allows users to easily customize their Portal Page by selecting their preferred Portal Parts which display relevant system and outside data all at a glance. Users can also customize their main menu and Portal theme. There are several portal-parts available in the system.

3.  Forms management

enVision has an advanced web based Form Designer to model the needs of corporations. Form Designer supports text fields of varying data types, list boxes, radio boxes, labels, approval controls, grid/table and other several controls.

4.  Client Tools

enVision® Agent enVision®
Agent is a client application that is used to manage enVision®’s features and functionalities on desktop. It provides plugins for Office and Windows explorer to support the import of created files into enVision® and notifies users of newly assigned tasks.

enVision® Printer
enVision® Printer is a virtual printer added to the operating system. Once a document is sent to that printer, the output is converted to PDF and added to enVision®.

Mobile Application
iOS & Android native applications and compatible with any mobile web-browser with full features access.

5.  Server Tools

enVision® Email Agent
enVision® Email Agent is a tool that listens to one or more corporate email addresses and when a new message is received, it adds the message to enVision® and triggers a workflow if configured.

enVision® Fax Agent
enVision® Fax Agent is a tool that detects incoming fax messages, adds them to enVision® and triggers a workflow if configured.

enVision® Folder Agent
enVision® folder agent will classify documents directly from your desktop into pre-defined folders.

enVision® Active Directory Connector
enVision® active directory connector will enable customers to integrate enVision® with their active directory to support single sign-on.